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Post Pregnancy Care Treatment Ayurveda


According to Ayurveda good health depends up on the balance of three forces – vatha, pitha and kapha. Imbalance (dosha) of one of them cause ill health. Delivery related problems are due to the vadha dosha. This imbalance is treated in Ayurveda through rest, massages, food and herbal preparations.

Diet during confinement period:

Diet during confinement period in Ayurveda is designed in such a way to balance the vadha dosha. The digestive system is also very sensitive during this period so Ayurveda insists of start with eating easily digestible food and gradually go back to regular diet towards the end of confinement period.

Warm, fresh and oily food that tastes sweet (Don’t mistake this as refined sugar.) In Ayurveda, sugar means natural sweetness providing food like honey, rice, fresh fruits or even yam), sour and salty are focused

Cold foods are avoided as they are hard to digest and will draw water from the body causing constipation and promote gas formation

Salads are also not recommended in Ayurveda during confinement period as they create gas

Timing and quantity of meals are another important factors. Breakfast around 8 am, lunch around 1 pm, and dinner around 6 pm. Notice the 5-hour gap between each meal. Breakfast and dinner should be light but the lunch should be heavy

Dried fruits can be taken but should remember to peel the skin of almonds Kashayams, lehyams and arishtams will be given to the mother to rebuilt the resistance power, increasing the lactation, and rejuvenate the body after delivery

Body massage:

Oil massage practiced in Ayurveda is called ‘abhyanga’. This is not a deep tissue massage which promotes bleeding, but a relaxing and soothing 90 minutes repetitive massage that should be done daily during the confinement period. This helps the body to move out the stored waste from the tissues and muscles. This repeated massage also increases lactation and enhances the peace of mind. Usually, dhanvantharam kuzhambu is used for body massage and coconut oil is used for head massage


Bath during the confinement period is called veth bath in Ayurveda. After a C-section veth bath should be taken only after removing the stitches. Water is boiled with herbal leaves like puli ela (tamarind leaves), poovarasu (birch tree), kurumulakila (black pepper leaves), vatham kolli ela (Black vasa or black Malabar nut). Instead of soap moong dal powder is used for body and thali(taken by grinding the leaves of hibiscus) is used instead of shampoo

Belly binding:

Ayurveda has a special belly wrapping technique. A long piece of fine cotton cloth is wrapped around the abdomen a few times and pulled snug without tightening too much (to make sure you can sit and breathe comfortably). This helps to strengthen the back and restore muscle and organs back to original position

If you are not healthy and happy after delivery, it’s your child who will suffer more. Never hesitate to sleep whenever your child is sleeping. Never eat left over foods. Always eat freshly prepared warm food.

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